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Sciyu Biotech Co., Ltd.  mainly engaged in natural plant extracts, chemical intermediates, chemical raw materials research and development, production and sales.
The company is human resources abundant, has 10 professionals in the composition of R & D team, including 2 doctoral, 6 Masters degree. The production line has a group of skilled talents, job training and regular, competitive mount guard, has formed a multidisciplinary, comprehensive, high level technology, management team, has a strong core competitiveness.
Company based on Qinling Mountains natural raw material base, built about 5000 square meters of factory buildings, professional personnel, and have a full set of plant extraction, purification and detection equipment. At present our company is capable of producing more than 40 kinds of products, production of all products use water purification, purification workshop and the packing, management in ISO9001 mode, to produce the best products.
Advantages and characteristics of technological innovation and Xi an: -- The Fourth Military Medical University, Northwestern University and other colleges and universities cooperation, with strong innovation capability, advanced technology in the field of modern separation synthesis and fermentation, which is helpful for the efficient completion of product development. -- Quality: in ISO9001 and GMP standard, we ensure that all products are excellent in quality, stability, strict quality management system, complete quality control measures to ensure that our products and services to be consistent from beginning to end with excellent quality, stable.
-- team: we have the first-class staff in research, production, quality management, sales and after sale service, which enables us to provide high quality, efficient products and services to our clients..
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