1)Physical Character:       
Product name:                   Sorbitol 99% crystalline powder

CAS No.:                           50-70-4

EINECS No.:                       200-061-5

Formula:                           C6H14O6

Molecular weight:               182.173

Appearance:                     Colorless crystal or white crystalline powder or granule.

Synonyms:                        D-Glucitol


2)Functional speciality
The product is made of the glucose under the high temperature,heigh pressure and hydrogenation with the nickel.It has a cool sweet taste and the sweet taste is same as the 60% sucrose.It can prevent the food become dryness,aging and extend the shelf life for its hygroscopic function.It also can keep the balance of all sapors and add other tinges of food.On the other hand,it has a big effect for keeping the fragrance for that it has not volatilization.


3)Application range
It can be widely used in the icecream,cake,drings candy,dentifrice and other products



Assay(on dry basis):          99.0% min.

Moisture:                           1.0% max.

Purity(as sorbitol):              98.5% min.

Total sugar:                        0.3% max.

Reducing sugar:                  0.1% max.

Specific optical rotation:      4.0~7.0

Specific density:                 1.45 min.

PH(50% solution):               5.0~7.0

Residue on ignition:             0.1% max.

Heavy metals(as Pb):          5ppm max.

Nickel:                               1ppm max.

Arsenic(as As):                  1ppm max.

Lead:                                 1ppm max.

Chloride:                            10ppm max.

Sulphate:                           10ppm max.

Particle size:                      10mesh~20mesh; 20mesh~40mesh, 40~80mesh etc.


Package:                    25kg net bag

Shipment:                   About 20mt net per 20FCL without pallet

Storage:                      Cool, dry, room-temperature and well-closed container

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