Product name: Bitter melon extract
Appearance: Brown Yellow Powder to Brown capsule
Odor: Characteristic
Specifications: 20%,25%,80%,85%,98%


1. Can inhibit fat absorption 18 kilocalories per 100 grams of bitter melon , so effective to lose weight .

2. Send fire swelling Bitter melon can except the evil heat, can quickly remove toxins, avoid body endotoxin accumulation.

3. Beauty to raise colour :Rich in vitamin C can enhance immunity and prevent cardiovascular disease. Combined with special physiological activity of the protein, can help skin renewal and wound healing, also the effect of cosmetic skin care.

 4. Lower blood sugar:Balsam pear contains ingredients promote insulin secretion, has help control blood sugar, prevent diabetes. Containing balsam pear glucoside and substances like insulin, has good hypoglycemic effect, is an ideal food to people with diabetes

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